Hayat Communications came into existence in 1997 and since then has carved a niche clientele for itself in the region.

Hayat is one of the leading Telecom Services Company offering ‘Total Solution’ to Telcos.

Together with Strategic Partners / Associates, Hayat is able to provide ‘end-to-end’ solution right from:

  • Supply & Installation of all Infra-Structural Solutions.
  • Rollout & Implementation of civil and telecom works.
  • Design documentation.
  • In-Building Coverage.

Hayat Communications has built an enviable track record in the quality of our service division. Commonly associated with the very best the region has to offer in both planning and execution, the company’s services include  Site Search / Surveys, Site Acquisition, Site Design, Civil Works and Telecom Implementation [ BTS, IBS, BSC & MSC]. Telecom equipment experience extends also to the  2G / 3G / LTE and WiMAX solutions in a multivendor environment.

While retaining both Operators as well as equipment vendors as our customers, Hayat Communications have also been commissioned as quality control consultants on many occasions. Hayat also provides specialized services such as planning and optimization of telecom and wireless networks.




Site search based on the search ring criteria defined by the planning for site acquisitions. To prepare a search ring report with relevant ranking from acquisition point of view.




Based on the nominations to arrange the candidates for site survey. Arrange for an initial and technical survey. Conduct a health and safety assessment. Create and submit a site survey report. Assess for any issues related to radiation hazards.



The work undertaken for site acquisition includes new Radio Base station sites, In-building sites, shared sites and includes private, government and semi-private sites

Negotiate rentals and complete lease contract formalities with site owner(s)

Prepare the agreement template based on the CUSTOMER format

Signature of required owner(s) / landlord(s) / company management on the Lease contract

All other permits and permissions from local government authorities as stipulated

Site access and entrance to the site is available 24 X 7 to CUSTOMER

Landlord management to facilitate the rollout and operations during the contract period



Prepare site drawings / design documents which include all the related information related for Site building. Layouts, height of the building / structure proposed etc. Details of power source and the power cable routing from the source. Photographs of the entire exterior building, views of telecom installation locations, access to site and telecom installation.



Providing Comprehensive Turnkey Infrastructure Work for GSM Sites including Supply and Installation of:

Roof Top Towers                        : 3 Legged Grid Masts, 4 Legged Self Supporting Towers, Wall Mounted Poles and Self Supporting – Non Penetrating Poles.

Monopoles                                              : 25 M, 30 M & 40 M

Greenfield/Dessert Towers                  : 40 M, 60 M, 75 M, 100 M.

Equipment Containers                       : Fitted with Air conditioners, Fire Protection Systems, Electrical Power Systems and Lighting, Cable Trays and Earthing Systems.

Diesel Generators                                  : Single Generators and Twin Generators



(GRDS ) – 30 M

Camouflaged Structures like Palm Trees, Minarets, Water tanks etc.

Site Fencing (including Foundations and Leveling) and all related works.


Supply of Antennas, Feeder Cables, Connectors and other GSM Ancillaries

Internal and External Works which include Installation and commissioning of Base stations, Antennas, Feeder Cables, hybrid cables, junction box, Cable Trays, Power Systems and Battery Banks

Installation, commission and Alignment of Microwave links

Supply and Installation of Power Systems and Battery Banks

Design and Implementation of In building Solutions ( IBS ) and repeaters




2G / 3G  / LTE / Wimax Implementations


Our close attention to detail and intensive quality control procedures have contributed to the number of prestigious and large sites where we have provided indoor coverage. Our teams have designed  and  done in building solutions for  high profile areas like airports, shopping malls, 5-star hotels, as well as many high-rise buildings.


Hayat has an in-house specialized team which has implemented numerous projects and interacted with government authorities over the years. Hayat prides itself as being a competitive lowest cost denominator when it comes to implementation, operations, and maintenance of these networks.


Designing of infrastructure as per local authorities and / or customer requirements:

  • Technical Surveys & documentations
  • Construction, commissioning & testing

All components such as:

  • Duct routes
  • Manholes & Hand holes
  • Sub-ducting
  • Direct buried services
  • Over & underground warning elements
  • Enforcement  & protection construction
  • Vertical & Horizontal Cable tray systems


All kind of end-to-end transmission cables like Fiber Optic, Copper,  twisted pair & special control cables… etc.

  • Designing passive networks
  • Technical surveys & documentations
  • Cable laying
  • Jointing & splice terminations
  • End to end testing
  • Maintenance & Repairing



All Active components like PDH & SDH systems,  Multi Media-Converters, Multiplexers etc.

  • Designing & planning simple & complicated transmission solutions
  • Technical Installations
  • Configuration & testing
  • Operating & maintenance