In today’s environment where competition is fierce; operators need to concentrate all their efforts in increasing their market share. Dealing with multiple suppliers in non-core activities is an unnecessary burden. It is with this in mind that Hayat Communications has developed a power solution that addresses many challenges that Operators may face today and translated them into significant CAPEX savings and a single point of accountability.
Hayat Communications provides all required components such as diesel generators, fuel tanks and Automatic Transfer Switch. Each solution will be tailored to answer each customer’s specific requirements. Once the appropriate configuration has been determined, Hayat Communications leases the power solution for a fixed monthly fee.
Complete Services
At Hayat Communications, renting equipment is only one part of the solution. In addition to state-of-the-art equipment, our technical team will provide you with a full turnkey experience. Our dedicated team will deliver and install the equipment. At the customer’s request, we can refuel the generators whenever and wherever necessary. We will perform all the preventive and corrective maintenance to assure you a piece of mind.
Response / Support:
We understand that any unplanned interruption in power will cause significant disruption to your business. Ensuring continuity to your business is paramount to us so with technicians deployed all around the region, you can count on one of the fastest response time in the market, hence translating into minimum unplanned outage.
Key Benefits:
CAPEX savings
: No need to purchase hardware
OPEX savings
: One company performs all tasks
Less hassle
: Operator can focus on active equipment & core activities