We possess long-term leased Open Yards as well as Closed Warehouses for storage of communication equipment, ancillaries, Towers and steel structures. These warehouses are fixed with all safety standards including Fire Extinguisher system, automatic sprinkler system, Smoke & Heat detector; Fire proofed steel structure, etc.

First Aid Kits are provided at common areas as stipulated by the safety standards approved by Kuwait Fire department. We also utilize internal CCTV cameras for 24 hours monitoring of storage areas from Warehouse offices as well as from our main offices.

The warehouses are provided with 24 hours security staff monitoring.  In-Out access and goods /material movement is tightly controlled by security staff and stringent documentation.
Logistics Activities

We maintain experienced Purchase & logistics Team with expertise in international freight handling, material movement and logistics on various modes of transport like Air, Sea and Road transport.



Customs Clearance Activities

We have a strong specialized team for Customs Clearance experienced at all Kuwait ports (Land, Sea and Air ). They have years of service in Kuwait and are tied up with recognized Customs Clearing Agents and freight forwarders with excellent infrastructure.