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Field Maintenance Services:
Hayat Communication is doing First line maintenance of Vodafone Qatar network covering 410 Sites.  
Corrective Maintenance:
The Corrective / remedial maintenance is urgent network maintenance and performance maintenance activities including all types of site “external”, “hardware” and telecom alarms connecting, AIR CONDITION, GENERATORS, RECTIFIER, BATTERIES, SHELTER, FENSE, FIRE SYSTEM, BROADBAND, FIXED SITES, BTS - BSC, BTS - BTS, eNodb - eNobe, NodeB - RNC, NodeB - NodeB, LTE, IBS, BSC & transmission system between BTS-Telecom Systems, antenna systems belonging to these equipments in sites and repair and maintenance works of infrastructure and all Telecom Systems between BTS - BSC and incase of faults on remote BSC, DWDM, ISAM and Data centers,fault detection and rectification of passive components of the sites. The response and rectification times are defined by agreed service level agreements. The activity includes to remove the root cause of failure and to restore the system functionality to the pre-incident level. 
  • Trouble tickets handling Via ALU FDM (Field dispatching online tool) to ensure the agreed SLA and KPIs are met).
  • Ensure the TTs are closed in the right manner with full description and troubleshooting procedures.
  • Critical Alarms – Outages, Power failure, DG failure, smoke and fire.
  • Major Alarms – Quality alarms, AC failure, temperature etc.
  • Minor Alarms – Tower light alarm, low fuel, shelter door open, humidity alarms etc.
  • When NOC identifies and verifies such faults in one of the network elements; NOC opens issues a trouble ticket as a work order pertaining to such tasks which is closed after the fault has been rectified by FLM teams and verified by NOC.
Preventive Maintenance:
The Preventive maintenance scope covers planned and scheduled site visits for routine site checkups and inspection of both active and passive components of the sites. During PM all active and passive site components are periodically checked to improve the health of the components in order to minimize the corrective maintenance. The PM activities are performed and scheduled as per customer requirements and scope handled under preventive maintenance is to check below components. 
  • Air conditioning units. Power Systems, Battery Banks, MDBs etc
  • Diesel generators
  • Alarm panel, sensors, exhaust fans, power points, lights, tower lights, Earth Pits etc
  • Civil structures like shelter, tower, antenna structures, fence, gate, ladder and Cleaning of sites – monthly for cow sites & quarterly for other sites
  • Shelters isolation
  • Measuring site grounding impedance
  • Temporary sites (COWs, RDUs) monthly PM, and permanent sites quarterly PM
  • Complete site checks and deficiencies rectifications
  • Report deficiencies that are out of scope timely and propose solutions
Access management:
  •  Prepare gate passes and maintain access validity to ensure sites access availability 24 / 7
  •  Escalate if customer support is required
Fuel Management: 
  • Fuel Sensors installed inside the fuel tanks are set in advance to give the remote indication at the desired level of fuel remaining inside the tank
  • Fuel filling is managed on daily basis according to the plan and dates for periodically filling of the fuel tanks as per requirements
  • Advance arrangements are worked out with Fuel suppliers to get the seamless flow of work and refueling of DG tanks at required Sites
  • Manage fuelling sites on urgent basis in case of any fault that cause the site to run out of fuel.
General tasks: 
  • Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Keep Track of all performed activities. 
  • Keep database on central server.
  • Propose solution to customer and provide quotations for up-scope activities. 
  • Consumables spares supply.
Extra services we provide upon customer requests or planned actions:
  • Generator replacement or swapping 
  • Generators Overhauling
  • Battery Capacity Increase 
  • Battery replacements
  • BTS migration 
  • TRU/TRX upgrades 
  • Site Audit 
  • Changing guyed wires and its accessories or part related to it. 
  • Vertical and Horizontal tests, report the deviation and propose corrective actions 
  • Out of scope or major repairs tasks are quoted separately.
Supply COW sites: ~45 units 
Civil Works:75 sites ( Roof top + Green field)
Since 1999 providing Comprehensive Turnkey Infrastructure Work for GSM Sites including Supply Installation of
  • Roof Top Towers:  3 Legged Grid Masts, 4 Legged Self Supporting Towers, Wall Mounted Poles, Camouflage and Self Supporting - Non Penetrating Poles. 
  • Monopoles:  25 M, 30 M & 35 M
  • Greenfield / SST: 50 M
  • Equipment Containers: Fire Protection Systems, Electrical Power Systems and Lighting, Cable Trays and Earthing Systems
  • Diesel Generators: Single Generators and Twin Generators 
  • Temporary Sites ( GRDS ) – 30 M
  • Site Fencing both brick wall and chain-link (including Foundations and Leveling) and All Associated Civil Works.
Telecom Works
  • Internal and External Works which include Installation and commissioning of Base stations, Antennas, Feeder Cables, Cable Trays, BTS, Rectifiers and Battery Banks
  • Installation, commission and Alignment of Microwave links
  • Supply and Installation of Power Systems and Battery Banks
  • Upgrading 2G/3G sites to LTE
  • Installation of routers within the existing sites