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3A/4A/5A/6A/V.O. 10 /V.O. 13/V.O. 15 Projects

  • Supplied and Installed Cable Trays, Antenna Frames, Antenna Mounts, Installed Antennas, Feeder Cables etc. Performed Swap Tests and submitted reports. --- 64 Sites.
  • Installed Underlay M-Cell 6 and Horizon BTS AC – 90 Sites. 
  • Installed In-Cells, M-Cell BTS DC Macro ----70 Sites.
  • Installed 80 Micro-Cells (M-cell Micro, City, Arena etc.) in various Complexes, Airport, and Hotels etc.  
  • Installed Macro Horizon 1800 on existing 900 DC ---- 165 Sites.
  • Installed Underlay 1800 Horizon on existing 900 Underlay – 60 Sites. 
  • Completed Dual Band Sites with Horizon 900 and Horizon 1800 Cabinets---90 Sites.
  • Sector addition implemented on Underlay Sites – 20 Sites.
  • Completed Dual Band Sites with Horizon 900 and Horizon 1800 Cabinets—108 Sites.
  • Provided services of engineers to Motorola for MTC .
  • Provided services of engineers to Motorola for Drive Test.
  • (Optimizations).
  • Installation of Horizon Macro-II Sites -15 Sites.
  • Upgrading of Existing BTS -900 from 3/3/3 to 4/4/4 sites -100 Sites.
  • Upgrading Existing 900 Sites to Dual Band Sites- 15 Sites.
  • Installation of H2M Dual Band Sites.( Internal and External)---120 Sites 
3G Deployment Project - 530 Sites

  • Site Surveys.
  • Installation of Node B.
  • Supply and Installation of Antenna Mounts.
  • Installation of Node B Antennas.
  • Installation of Feeders.
  • VSWR Tests.
Swap Project - 260 Sites

  • Site Surveys , Preparing Site Investigation Reports, Site Installation Documents and As-Built.
  • Relocating Motorola Node Equipment on temporary basis within the Sites.
  • Installation of Motorola Equipments on allocated place and test.
  • Site Acceptance