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Drive Test and Optimization: 
Perform full design, and optimization of radio networks including drive tests, collection of data, post processing of data and analysis to bring the network level to the highest KPI’s and as per customer’s expectations.
  •    Network Information monitor (Traffic statistic / Alarm)
  •    Network Data collection 
  •    Routine Report (daily / weekly / monthly / cluster report)
  •    Problem Record 
  •    Network Analysis (Traffic statistic / Alarm / Data Configuration / parameter)
  •    Network Adjustment (Solution / Adjustment action / Validate / Optimization report)
  •    Trouble shooting (Subscriber complaint / Network abnormal situation Adjustment / Test /        Validate) 
  •    Monitor and analysis (KPI) the site expansion 
  •    Routine Meeting (Network situation feedback and work plan / customer satisfaction)
  •    Network capacity, forecasting, coverage analysis, optimization and give expansion suggestion with planning data
  •    Testing route plan 
  •    Testing tool prepare
  •    Testing engineer arrange
  •    Testing data collection and analysis/report .
  •    Validate testing
  •    Final testing report 
  •    Interference analysis and propose interference solution 
  •    According to testing report change antenna azimuth / down tilt
  •    Record history data and current value