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Service TSP (Civil & Electrical) Works - 250 GBT / RTT Sites (UP West, Punjab, Haryana, HP, Maharashtra and J & K)
Period between 2004 to 2006 provided Infrastructure Service (TSP) Work which involves :
  • Foundation for Tower (15 M, 18 M, 30 M, 40 M and 50 M), Shelter and DG, Boundary Wall
  • Complete Electrical Works including Earthing.
  • Project Management (Coordination of Class A Material Installation and Commissioning)
Upgrade / Electrical Work – 825 Sites (UP West, Punjab & Haryana) 
  • Complete Electrical Works including Earthing
Telecom Works – 50 Sites (Up West, Punjab & Haryana)
  • Complete Installation and Commissioning of MW.
Service TSP (Civil & Electrical) Works for Wireline / Broadband -  300 Sites (Delhi / NCR and Chandigarh)
Period between 2004 to 2010 provided Infrastructure Service (TSP) Work for Wireline/Broad Band Sites which involves :

  • Civil Work to prepare Exchange Room
  • Complete Electrical Work including Earthing