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SmartCities infrastr1 SecurControl CommndCenter Govt_Civil Enterprise Telcos infrastru2 CoreNW ICT_VAS infrastru3 Techno Service
Who we are:
We are publicly listed entity on the Kuwait Stock Exchange primarily focused on the communications sector . We offer services for the design, supply, build and management of various types of fixed line and wireless networks, namely, the mobile industry, fiber roll-out, security and surveillance. We are considered a top tier partner in the communications sector and on an average is considered one of the top five service suppliers across the Arabian Gulf specifically and the MENASA generally.
Our Belief: 
Believe in a networked world and become our customers’ sustainable and preferred business partner by delivering infrastructure, network, integrated solutions and outsourcing services which enable our clientele to meet their evolving needs and along them our own.
We aim to offer solutions which enhance communication modes and over the next decade emerge as a provider of choice in offering networked highways.
Our Values:
Trust Employees
: Empower them
Empahsize customer
: Hear them
Act passionately
: Work to succeed
Measure & React
: Each complexity is critical
Sustain & Grow
: Be ethical, accountable and  transparent